L’azure believes in an ecosystem that thrives on design. Design has a social impact on lives as no other fundamental and we genuinely believe that lighting plays an important role in achieving that design.

At L’azure we passionately work towards achieving this goal by innovating on new technologies and product development to create lighting solutions that aid designers realise their vision. That requires a close association with the design community.

Being a truly multicultural and international organisation, it is our core belief to employ and utilise the best possible resources and enjoy the best of all worlds. This is achieved by not being country specific or region specific in our sourcing and production just like we are not country specific or region specific in our sales and projects in a world without boundaries.


With an immensely rich and diverse experience of close to half a century, we at L’azure believe that as a new day brings in new possibilities for life so does a new project bring in new possibilities for creativity in making this world a better place.

With this attitude we move forward as a young team that tries to make sense of the vivid world of lighting that is dynamic and changing at a pace like never before, breaking new boundaries and creating new opportunities.